Good evening, afternoon or morning wherever in the world you are and thank you for visiting Points of Brew! Let me welcome you all to my venture in documenting and blogging about my journey into the world of real ale and craft beer.

Having recently acquired a taste for all things hoppy, malty and alcoholic I felt like keeping a log of this would be beneficial. Not only to me, but to other beer drinkers out there who are looking for a new drop or want to share their experiences.

I’m not here to preach about certain beers, nor am I here to tell people what to drink, I just want to share my experiences with like-minded people and enjoy some good beers! Isn’t that what drinking should all brew about?

What will be on the blog? Well anything beer related from my latest purchases, shops and bars I may frequent or topical pieces focusing on a particular brewery or subject.

As I write, on holiday, I’m currently in Cornwall but I come from Yorkshire which has an up-and-coming craft scene which is fantastic to see!

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions then please send them over and get involved. The more the merrier! You can find me on the below channels:

Twitter – @points_of_brew

Untappd – stecarter91

Email – pointsofbrew@gmail.com

Happy (responsible) drinking!


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