From Humble Beginnings…

So I wrote a short introduction piece for when the site went live but I probably should give you all an insight into who I am, what beers I enjoy drinking and when I first started drinking!

My name is Stephen and I am from Leeds in Yorkshire, God’s own County some say and I must agree to a certain extent. Being in Cornwall on holiday as I type, I must say that it does give Yorkshire a run for its money with the sights and scenery it has to offer. As an outdoors person I love most sports,  mainly rugby and football, and play cricket in my spare time.

My introduction into the real/craft ale scene is one that you may not expect; work caused it. Not to the point that I took up drinking due to stress (not just yet anyway), more that I won a Dog Pack by Brewdog in a Christmas competition.

Until this time, I’ve never been one for drinking. Be it beer, cider, spirits or bubbly I’ve never been fussed to have a drink. I’ve always been resigned to driving which has never bothered me, it means I never woke up with a sore head the next morning! As they say, you shouldn’t look a gift horse (or dog in this case) in the mouth and I certainly didn’t pass this opportunity up.

Since then, my drinking habit has flourished both in quantity and variety and I have tried more than I first expected and enjoy drinking it more than I thought I ever would. Having acquired a taste for the hops, my favoured tastes now include IPA, DIPA and pale ale. The hoppier/fruitier the better!

With that, I wanted to document my journey, share my experiences and compare notes/flavours with other enthusiasts out there with the end goal of trying as many beers as I can from all over the world.

My newfound passion for beer has even seen me dip my toes into the world of homebrew. My brother, Andrew, has recently brewed up two rather nice beers; one a New England IPA and a pale ale. It really shows what efforts small brewers go to to deliver a tasty beer. Not a slow process and patience is definitely required!

As I said in my intro piece, I’ll share as much of my adventure with you as I can by checking into beers I try and any stores/bars I visit. Once again thanks for reading and joining me on this journey and hopefully we can share a pint or two at some point in the near future!



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