A Trip To Verdant Brewing Co.

Ah Verdant. One of my favourite breweries. Over the course of my short beer journey, they have been one of the top brewers that I look out for wherever I go. To me, Verdant is a sign/stamp of quality; if a shop or bar has them in stock then they’re bound to be a decent place to go. With their distinctive labels, names and flavours I highly recommend trying some of their finest outings if you haven’t done so already.

So whilst we are in Cornwall, I simply had to go back again after paying them a visit whilst here last year. Had anything changed? Were they looking at expansion? Or, worst case scenario, were they looking at downsizing? Well, before we get into this, let’s have a brief look at their history and where they are.

Based in Falmouth in Cornwall, they are one of the most southern breweries you can find. Amongst a few scattered across the region, Cornwall is a hotspot for craft beer and micro breweries which is fantastic to see. Crafting unfiltered, unfined and vegan friendly beers they tick a fair few boxes, delivering big hoppy flavours. First established by Adam and James in 2014, they wanted to be more than homebrewers and take their passion for beer further. Since then, Rich has joined them in 2016 and they have expanded their brewing capacity significantly with the ability to produce roughly 8000 litres of beer per week.

Verdant Outside

Operating out of an industrial unit at present they sadly do not have the ability to offer tours or have a tap room on site. When you take a trip over to see them, what space they have is crammed full with brewing equipment and there is little room for anything else! They clearly take their passion very seriously and want to make it a viable business without losing their identity which, in this industry, can prove difficult.

Having a chat with the guys whilst we were there showed that things are still moving in the right direction for them. They had just taken delivery of two more fermenters increasing their capacity again, with a relatively new canning machine taking up a decent amount of room as well. It was evident that they would need new premises should they get any larger, with them already using storage units to house some of their ingredients and equipment!

Having a small shop on site (card payments only) you can pick up some freshly brewed beers in a can or, should you be feeling frivolous, buy it by the key keg. They also have a selection of shirts and jumpers available should you wish to represent the brand. In Falmouth itself is Hand Beer Bar who sell their brews, clothing and glassware as well so their produce is not in short supply in Falmouth that’s for sure (as you can see in the picture below).

Verdant Cans and Glass

If you’re in the area, I recommend paying the guys a visit to see both the site and to have a chat with them as well. Given their location it’s somewhere you’re only likely to visit should you be on holiday in Cornwall but what better reason to come down? If you want to check out what Verdant have to offer directly then their website is; https://verdantbrewing.co/. You can also find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram by searching Verdant Brewing Co.

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