The Beer & Bird Bar/Restaurant

What’s a holiday if you don’t indulge and enjoy yourself? Well I don’t know what it would be but it wouldn’t be a holiday in my eyes. But whilst in Cornwall, that’s what we did, and tried places we hadn’t been before. As mentioned in my article about JOHNS in St Ives, we love coming to St Ives so much we call more than once whilst in the Duchy.

So it’s not like we needed any more excuse to keep going back but, after calling into the Beer and Bird, we’ll keep coming back for a long time just yet…

The clue is in the title as to what they specialise in. You guessed it; beer and chicken. Admittedly it’s hard to spot the place as the front door isn’t always open, but a door round the back of Fore Street and up the hill is where we made our entrance. Just a short walk down from JOHNS, Beer and Bird makes St Ives a haven for those who love their craft and real ales.

On our first visit we weren’t able to sample the food as we were between the  lunch and evening menus, having looked over the menu we knew we had to come back however. Second time round I opted for the Smokestack Lightning Burger (fried chicken topped with coleslaw, barbecue sauce, bacon, cheese and onion rings) with a portion of filthy fries (covered with bacon, cheese, spring onions and barbecue sauce).


The picture itself speaks volumes and the food was some of the best I have put in my mouth for a very long time, probably some of the messiest also! It was all helped by a half pint of Pump Up the Jam by Tiny Rebel Brew Co which I tried on both occasions and simply had to have more on my return. I’m not one for mixing sweet and sour too much, or for overly sweet/fruity beer, but this was superb. The description says its like drinking a jam doughnut and it really is and, somehow it works. It made the perfect drink to cut through the burger-y goodness which came before it.

Admittedly I probably should have tried some of the other beers they had to offer at the time but the temptation was too great to have the same again. Given that it is only available on draft and not in cans, it will probably be hard to find back up North as well. Overall we were extremely satisfied with the food, beer and the service and will be calling back when we inevitably return to Cornwall next year. It’s just a shame that such an excellent place is not closer to home!

Now the quest begins to find some more of the good stuff by Tiny Rebel…

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