What Beer Means To Me…

It wasn’t until recently that I took some time to consider the content of this article and what beer actually means beyond just being a drink and quenching a thirst. Granted I’m still relatively new to craft beer, and beer as a whole for that matter, but in the short time I’ve been involved with craft beer I’ve already had some wonderful experiences. It will come as no surprise that I thought about writing this article sat in the sun with a beer over the recent Bank Holiday weekend…

But first, a nod to a fellow blogger who wrote a similar article recently that I noted back to before penning this article. Katie, over at The Snap and the Hiss, wrote about her first beer and early drinking experience and how she came to enjoy it (article can be found here). In a similar vein, thinking about the significance of the beer that we drink, I thought I’d look at what it means to me now that I have started drinking and trying more beers.

As mentioned already, the idea for this article came when I was enjoying a beer sat in the sun in the garden after spending most of the day finishing unpacking from our recent house move. Of course, the beers at this specific moment were a reward for spending most of the day tidying/unpacking but whilst sat there I thought about the beer I was drinking. My recent beers have been a mixture of those that I purchased whilst on holiday and those that I have bought locally since returning.

Purchases from Raynville in Armley…


Either way, the buying of these (and also the drinking of them) have been shared with my direct family. Along the way my dad, brother or Fiancée have been there when buying and have all helped me along the way giving advice and, in Ana’s case, begrudgingly let me spend probably too much on said beer…

Looking more into the buying side of things though, this has also meant I have met some great people and shared some great moments when we have sampled/discussed them together. There’s the guys from Verdant in Falmouth we met, the owner of Hand Bar in Falmouth (who happened to run a bar in Leeds previously) and, more recently, there’s the guys over at Raynville who know more about beer than I’ll ever hope to know!

Without beer, these moments would not have happened and you don’t get these kinds of moments when you buy/drink the run-of-the-mill stuff. Of course, they provide some moments of their own, but I feel like I’ve connected with people more since entering the world of all things craft. You can appreciate the time and effort gone into the creation of a good beer, even more so if they are a limited run or a one-off collaboration potentially not to be brewed again. It’s this that keeps things interesting and gives you something to talk about and something new to try and a new brewery to sample something from.

Yet there is more to come and I have plenty of trips planned and places to visit in the near future that I’m hoping to work my way through. Long may the craft keep flowing and, before supping your next beer, maybe take a moment to think about the experiences you have shared along the way…

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