Raynville Superstore (Leeds)

I keep saying to myself that I need to do more on this blog and recently I haven’t which is not only a disservice to myself but also the great beers I have been drinking lately. What’s even more of a disservice is that I am only getting round to writing this piece now when, really, I should have written this a long time ago. In recent months, Raynville Superstore is the only shop I have been to when it comes to my beer purchases and, when you look inside, it’s no wonder why that is…

As with many craft shops, pubs and breweries you have to know where to look for them and the same goes for Raynville who are conveniently based on Raynville Road in Leeds. It’s not on a main route per-se so it would be easily missed unless you lived in the local area or had scoped them out on social media first (on which they are all over by the way). When you step in however, it’s very hard to leave without spending a small fortune which I usually do each time…

The first thing you’ll probably notice is the vast array of bottles on the back wall before noticing you are greeted with fridges full of cans just inside the door as you enter. It’s easy to get lost when you first step in but then you realise that the beers are organised into different sections; local beers, stouts, vegan/gluten free etc. They also do Growler fills-re-fills if you happen to have one with you or pick one up. It’s advisable to have an idea what you’re looking for before you head over as you may find it hard to make a choice!


Johnny, the owner and a font of all beer knowledge, is on hand however and will give you the low-down on any of the stock he has in which is impressive considering there are over 800 at one time! I don’t think there has been a day when there hasn’t been a fresh delivery or he’s been busy arranging new stock but he always has time for you. He’ll also give you a shout when something new is coming in should you want something specific.

On my last trip, it was building up to Leeds Beer Week 2018 which we had a good chat about and what was going on between August 17-26. After discussing it I managed to make it over to North Bar in Leeds (more on that in a separate piece) for their Verdant takeover after flicking through the event listings. Of course I had to pick up Northern Monk’s special tie-in beer for the Beer Week (which was awesome by the way, 4.75 from me on Untappd) amongst others which are pictured above.

Other purchases included one from Australia (Rippa) and three from America (Temporal Purgatory, Candi Crushable and Deep Space). This is one of many reasons why Raynville is awesome; they get beers from all over the country and indeed the world which may be harder to find elsewhere. For those that enjoy other tipples beyond beer, they also have a large selection of spirits behind the counter should you wish to try something new.

I could write more but I don’t think I could do the place justice if I did so if you’re local or in the area, pay them a visit and say hello as it will be well worth the trip out. People from far and wide call in and it’s no surprise as to why. If you want to check them out they are on Twitter (@raynville_leeds), Facebook (@RaynvilleSuperstore) and Instagram (@RaynvilleSuperstore) you won’t regret it!


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