Verdant Takeover @ North Bar

Sometimes I forget how lucky we are in Leeds. You can often forget what your home town or city has to offer and take things for granted, the same can be said when it comes to beer too. I often find myself wishing we lived closer to some of the up and coming breweries out there or some of the bars that are cropping up across the country too. But, stopping and taking a look around, we have some fantastic breweries and bars on our doorstep with little need to leave the county, or city in most cases. With the likes of Northern Monk, Magic Rock, Wilde Child, Raynville Superstore and many many more to boot, it really is the place to be right now.

This hasn’t been more evident with the excellent Leeds Beer Week (August 17-26) having graced our city with a host of events going on during the week. My main focus, however, was always going into town and trying some of the freshest Verdant beer right on my doorstep. Having fallen in love with them whilst in Cornwall (as many will already know) it’s great to see them come up to Yorkshire as often as they do. Their home for the weekend? None other than North Bar who have recently been voted the best beer bar/pub in the John Smith’s British Pub Awards and it is no surprise really so firstly congratulations guys!

North Bar has been around for a long time, 21 years in fact, and has been selling craft and local beers for a very long time and hopefully continuing to do so for the forseeable future. Now given I only got into drinking craft beer recently, this was my first visit which I am very ashamed to say but I can safely say it will not be my last! It is very unassuming from the outside and you would only know it’s there if you were looking for it, sitting just off The Headrow.

Surprisingly, given it was Friday night, when we arrived we managed to find a table and seats straight away giving us time to peruse the menu before wandering up to the bar and settling in for the night. It’s quite small inside but the atmosphere is great and the crowd were on top form whilst we were there. What was nice to see is that table service and payment was available as and when the staff were free to take your order, meaning you could stay seated all night should you wish to do so. Looking over the menu, we weren’t disappointed with the selection from either Verdant or other breweries that were available on draft too. Should you wish to go down the can/bottle route, they also had fridges stocked with freshies as well.

Naturally, we were focussed purely on trying as much as Verdant as we could as everything was new to us barring Headband. As you can see below, there was plenty to choose from and we played it safe and left the DIPA’s until later in the evening rather than going too big too early! My favourite of the evening being Non-Monotonous and one I will look out for in future, a pale with plenty of flavour and high on the murk scale.

All in all the evening was fantastic and it was nice to see that they clearly had plenty in to last so everyone got some (unlike our recent experience with Verdant at Magic Rock!). A portion of cheesy chips also rounded the night off nicely from the takeaway over the road…

For anyone who hasn’t been and is interested in visiting (we will be again when we’re in Leeds next) then you can find the guys from North Bar all over social media including on Twitter (@NorthBarDrinks), Instagram (@northbardrinks) and by searching North Bar on Facebook. Hopefully I may see some of you there in the near future!


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