Magic Rock Brewing Tap Room (Huddersfield)

It may take a lifetime, but I am determined to try all the good drinking spots that are scattered around Yorkshire. If not for more than one, you need to make the most of every opportunity that presents itself and stop in to places where you can. Not frequenting Huddersfield very often, circumstance had us over that way this particular weekend which meant that on our way home we could stop by at the Magic Rock tap room.

I had called in here on one previous occasion but didn’t really document this as I hadn’t stopped for long and, not to go into too much detail, left disappointed. I am glad to say however that this was not the case this time and we were able to enjoy our visit and the drinks which we ordered. As it wasn’t too busy, we managed to find a table and peruse the menu whilst getting served fairly easily. As I was driving, I could only have one drink but between us we managed to try some different beers which we hadn’t had before (doing my best to steer clear of usual favourite Fantasma).

As is the usual decor for a craft place, the tap room has a contemporary feel to it and is very spacious, with plenty of room to sit and stand with windows offering views to a section of the brewery. As part of the experience, they offer brewery tours and various food carts serving street food on a rotational basis should you attend on a day where they are on site.


Whilst offering a number of beers on tap, both on keg and cask, you can take or buy a Growler for refills (with a discount from Tuesday to Thursday) and also a fridge full of cans to take away or drink whilst on site. Naturally, we had to buy some to take with us and consume when we got home. You can’t pass up on such an opportune moment really can you? Likewise, as is a recent trend/addiction of mine, I had to stop and look at their merchandise section and purchased a stemmed glass of theirs. Where it will go, I’m not entirely sure as the cupboard is filled with varying glasses already…

Between us we tried The Fabulist (IPA), Saucery (Session IPA) and Ringmaster (Pale Ale) whilst we took away a can of The Wave Project (DDH Session) and Fridge Life (DDH IPA). As one of my favourite/go-to breweries I was happy with our brief stay at the tap room and would love to come back for an afternoon or evening session in the immediate future. I do have a stag do to arrange in the near  future so this could be one of many staggered (see what I did there?) days out in the lead up to my wedding in 2020.

I’m sure many of you will follow Magic Rock across their many social media outlets, but if you want to find them you can by searching their recognisable name on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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