Blog Update: Oct-Dec ’18

When I first started this blog, beyond writing about beer, I wasn’t entirely sure which direction to take it. Should I write about just the beer I’m drinking? Or should I write about wider beer-related subjects (such as my piece on the Beavertown takeover)? Well since setting out on this journey I think my thoughts have fluctuated, changing several times over and in many ways, I’m not sure I’ll ever have one set path.

But one thing I have settled on is that I won’t prioritise any opinion/topical pieces over my posts about the places I have been or the beers I have been drinking. I have become all too familiar with the negativity that is found in the craft scene in certain groups, and some going as far to slate breweries and/or particular beers and styles. That isn’t me. I may have only been drinking craft beer for a short time, but I do know that if we don’t look upon it positively then we can do more damage than good by being overly critical. That’s not to say we shouldnt point out flaws or ways that brewers can improve, we absolutely should, but in the right way. Let’s encourage creativity and accept other people’s likes and dislikes.

So, from now on, you’ll only find documentation of my journeys to craft bars, pubs, bottle shops and any eateries which we frequent along the way too. Should I come across any more associated craft items, such as the excellent Brand Crafted book, then I will also look to feature those items also. One thing I have been toying with the idea of as well is my recent interest in baking and including that on the blog as, more often than not, I tend to have a beer whilst I’m baking. Do they go well together? Absolutely. But don’t panic, I’m not going to start pouring good beer into any cookies or brownies any time soon. That would be a step too far…

I hope that those of you who have supported and read so far will continue to do so and appreciate the blog for all the beer, baking and other items along the way. One thing I am also looking to do is document my opening of the craft advent calendar I have come December, do some focus pieces on particular beer styles I have become fond of recently whilst continuing to cover the other good stuff. An inevitable awards/shoutout for 2018 piece is in the works too for which I am deciding on a finalised list of categories, awards and their eventual winners.

As ever, feedback and support is always welcomed and if there are any items you want to see featured either on here or on the Twitter account, please let me know. I do this blog for my own enjoyment but even if one person follows, reads or supports then it is all worth it in the end. One of the greatest traits of the craft scene, when all said and done, is to bring people together to share ideas, experiences and stories isn’t it?

Until next time, keep crafting…

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