Points of Brew Bakes: Banana Bread

So here it is; my first foray into the baking-and-blogging world. I said I would try it, so I thought I would start with a quick and easy recipe to follow. This is my main intention to be honest; to bake things that taste really good but are fairly quick and easy to make. I will of course get more adventurous as time goes on, but please don’t expect a croquembouche any time soon. I know you just Googled that to see what one is…

This is my second attempt at baking banana bread, the first being a perfectly suitable outing and the recipe comes courtesy of my mum who has baked for as long as I can remember. This second attempt comes new and improved however with some subtle tweaks which, I think, have made it even better! First, though, the recipe is below:

  • 2 x ripe bananas
  • 170g of caster sugar
  • 170g of self-raising flour
  • 170g of unsalted butter
  • 2 eggs
  • 1/2 teaspoon of baking powder
  • Vanilla essence/extract/flavour to taste

Optional (but included in this recipe):

  • 100g choc chips
  • 100g chopped walnuts
  • Nutella

Not only is the above ingredient list very easy to remember, the process to make this beauty is also very, very straight forward! In its simplest form, all you do is add the lot (except the Nutella) to a food processor or bowl and mix together until it creates a smooth mixture. There are little steps that make this process a little easier however; put the bananas in first and mush them with a fork or spoon, when you add the butter make sure it’s been left out beforehand to soften then cut into chunks when adding to the bowl and, lastly, add the chocolate chips and walnuts at the end when the other ingredients have been mixed. Look at me offering baking advice, I feel like Mary Berry!

I find the secret/key to this recipe though is when you’re pouring the mixture into a lined loaf tin, empty half out then add a line of Nutella in the middle, pouring the remaining mixture over it. This gives the loaf a banging Nutella core which is easily my favourite part of the bake. Once emptied into the tin, this then sits in a pre-heated oven at 160 degrees centigrade (fan oven) for 1hr-1hr 20mins. Cooking time can vary so I set it for an hour to start then check it with a skewer in the middle and on the edge to see how it is cooking.

One thing to note is that it will look dark on the outside however don’t panic, it won’t be burnt (unless you’ve left it in for 3 hours or it’s on higher than it should be). It should be dark on the outside and adds a nice crispy edge to the loaf, giving it another texture. When you do finally take it out of the oven, it still should be a little wet in the middle leaving the loaf moist once it has cooled.

All being well, it should resemble something like the below image and all that is left to do is enjoy eating it as much as I enjoy the smell of the loaf cooking! My beer of choice on the night to go along with this was Cybernaut by Brewdog, a low ABV Session IPA which complemented the sweetness of the loaf perfectly.


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