Blind Jack’s Knaresborough

It’s that time of year where every weekend is taken up by participating in some variety of festive activity. Yes December is probably the only month of the year where every weekend of the month is booked with at least one trip to a Christmas market or festive celebration of some variety. Heck, we even made one trip to the German Christmas market in Leeds before it even turned December. Yes, we take Christmas very seriously in this family.

But, that said, whilst we take Christmas very seriously as you well know I also take my beer very seriously. So with trips planned to various locations in the local area, it would be rude not to tie in any trips to the local craft houses at the same time. A quick Google helped me find Blind Jack’s which, thinking back, has been around for some years but has only recently been turned into a craft/real ale bar.

You may not notice Jack’s to start with, as it is only a small place but is in a prominent position; right in the centre of town. A good measure of a bar/pub is always how busy it is and, besides the fact it was the day of the market, I reckon it would have been equally as busy. There was barely a spare seat for us when we went in but this is only to be expected given the size inside of Blind Jack’s; it does have an upstairs section but is still relatively snug.

Jack’s certainly doesn’t have the widest selection of beers you may find in comparison to some of the other establishments out there but it does have enough to keep you entertained for a couple of hours at least. There were 4/5 beers on keg with the rest on cask, giving you a choice of serving style. There was also a fridge stocked with some great choices of fresh beers from folks such as Verdant, Northern Monk and Burnt Mill.

It’s great to see that even in the smaller towns and villages, the influence of craft is spreading and being enjoyed country-wide. So whilst Knaresborough may not be somewhere we frequent on a regular basis, you can guarantee we will be calling here each time we do from now on.

You can find Blind Jack’s on Twitter (@blind_jacks), Facebook (Blind Jack’s) and Instagram (Blind_jacks).

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