Points of Brew Goes Live…

Well, sort of. In an attempt to offer more content I have decided to take to the world of YouTube and start a Points of Brew Channel. There are times where I have a subject that I would like to cover, but verbalising it would be much easier than writing it up hence my reason for starting on this venture. I find that I can add some personality, gracing the world with my face and voice (gracing probably being the wrong word) if I record a video so hopefully they will be relatively successful.

If you follow me on Twitter then it is likely you will have seen my videos so far and my ideas for upcoming content. To date, I have posted an un-bagging video from my last trip to Raynville Superstore, a video about my beers boards and my beer photo box. I have already recorded my next video which should be live by the end of the week, covering a beer which I previously didn’t like but have since began to appreciate more. Stay tuned for that one…

My future topics will include my latest supermarket purchases, my fridge staples and potentially one covering mental health within the beer industry (still unconfirmed as of yet). Depending on the popularity of these and where funds allow, I may also start to look at documenting my travels to tap rooms and breweries, videoing my time there and looking to review/cover them in video format as well with a blog post to accompany it.

Covering this in a recent piece, I have started to homebrew with my brother as well, so this will add nicely to the brewing documentaries we are doing with another one of those in the pipeline. We brewed last week, this time brewing a triple-hopped, low ABV extra pale ale with our previous unintentional DIPA going into keg on the same day. The latter should be ready to sample this coming weekend, so stay tuned for a review and reaction to how it comes out once carbed in the keg.

If you have any ideas for future videos or anything you would like to see, then please let me know. Any help and feedback along the way would be greatly appreciated as this is still relatively new ground for me!

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