Points of Brew Does Cornwall

For anyone who knows me, follows my Twitter or Instagram will know, by now, that we are going to Cornwall very soon (tomorrow). As our main holiday of the year, I haven’t stopped talking about it for the last week or so. Not only do we get to go back to our favourite place, visit the wedding venue again and relax for two whole weeks, I get to drink beer. Lots of beer! My midweek drinking rule goes out of the window on holiday (rightly so I reckon) so I make the most of it!

Not only can I pay homage to Verdant by going to the brewery, there are also other places I want to visit whilst there too. Weather permitting and schedule permitting, I’m going to share the places I’m hoping to visit in our time there. There may be places I can’t get to because of other bits and pieces we end up doing, but there are a couple on the list that are must do’s. So without further ado, let’s crack on.

Verdant Brewery

Nothing really need be said beyond the heading for this one; it says everything it needs to. They’re my favourite brewery so there’s no better place to get my hands on their latest cans than from them directly. Last time we were there, we caught Too Many Opinions on its launch day so I’m hoping we strike lucky again this time too!

Verdant Seafood Bar

When I said there were a couple of places that were a must on our list, this is one of them. This wasn’t open the last two times we have visited so I cannot wait to finally get there! Not only do I love Verdant beer, but Ana love seafood too. What a combo! Being able to get the freshest Verdant on tap for such good value as well as Ana enjoy some stunning seafood, this was a match made in heaven. Be sure to check out my feeds for this when we have been, I can already guarantee the review will be a glowing one.

The Lamp & Whistle Pub

This was an absolute gem of a find last year, stumbling across this completely by accident with a quick search on the internet. Hidden away behind the main street in Penzance, you would quite easily miss this place as it is also very small! An eclectic decor makes it memorable as does the service you receive whilst there. I was playing designated driver last year so we (me and my dad) have already decided we will get a taxi back this year so both of us can drink and enjoy ourselves. The selection of beers isn’t huge, but worth it’s worth a visit for the company.

Padstow Brewery/Tap

This one, through no fault of its own, will have to wait until our final day of the holiday. As we stay near the south of Cornwall, Padstow isn’t the easiest of places to get to or fit in with any other visits. Our usual ritual is call at Padstow on the way home, get some fish and chips, then continue back North. This time however, our stop will hopefully include a trip to the brewery and/or tap room/bottle shop to see what these guys have in. I haven’t had much by them, so I am excited to see the new things they are canning and releasing including their new cider range. Yes, I drink other things too you know…

Beer & Bird

Anyone who followed my Instagram account before I turned into a beer account (probably not many of you!) will have seen me talk about this place before, and rightly so. These guys churn out some of the best food I have eaten. It’s like KFC but on speed. It is so, so good it’s ridiculous. Not only do they serve fried chicken and burgers by the bucket load (literally) they also serve a wide variety of craft beer. What could be better?! We also have a £25 voucher to use whilst there so expect to see us filling our boots with beer and food aplenty.

Special Mentions

So there are a few other places that I want to mention very quickly without reeling off too many paragraphs and boring you all to death. By no means does this mean they are any less of a priority or significant, it’s just there are so many places to discuss we could be here all night! So the other places I want to go to/will be going to go: Hand Bar (Falmouth), The ‘Front (Falmouth), Red Elephant Beer Cellar (Truro), Black Flag Brewery (Perranporth, if open), Tarquin’s Gin Distillery (Padstow), St Austell Brewery (St Austell) and The Stable (Fistral).

If I have missed anyone or anything then I apologise, and I will be doing shoutouts and pieces for all the places we do end up going to on here, Twitter, Instagram and hopefully some on YouTube. For now, it’s time to pack and prepare for the long drive down…

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