Verdant Seafood Bar

They say that good things come to those who wait. Whoever ‘they’ are, they weren’t wrong. Our wait to visit Verdant’s seafood bar has been a long one, but boy was it worth it! Ever since laying our eyes on the crowd-funding campaign for this we have been interested and, given we holiday in Cornwall every year, we have had high hopes since. The progress of the Seafood Bar has been marred with numerous issues and setbacks which saw its opening delayed but, like brewing a good beer, patience is a virtue and thankfully the hard work has paid off.

If there was ever a place that we were destined to enjoy, then it was going to be here. Firstly for my love of beer (Verdant in particular) and secondly for Ana’s love of seafood and also her willingness to drive me to and from here as well! One thing is for sure; if you didn’t know where the Seafood Bar was, you would miss it. Neatly tucked away on Quay Street, it is very understated with a small ‘Verdant’ sign hanging out front. Inside, it is also very neat and snug; their no pre-booking policy is with good reason!

As a party of five (this is a family holiday first remember) we almost took up a third of the seating area, so don’t be surprised if it gets a bit cosy during busy periods. The table we sat at couldn’t have been better placed really as we were directly in front of the beer board, the most important bit some might say…

At any given time, they will have 8 taps of the freshest Verdant available with sharing bottles also in the fridges in regular rotation. The food menu is small yet varied with specials spicing things up and changing every day seemingly. For the adventurous or regular seafood consumer, they will find themselves at home here however anyone looking for a simple portion of fish and chips need look elsewhere. I only mention this as we went with my Gran in tow who settled for the fish finger butty, albeit a plain one, having realised that it was not your average fish and chip restaurant!

I went for the fish finger butty with a portion of chips, with Ana going for the lobster roll special with chips to share. The portions aren’t large, but with the bar specialising in tapas-style cuisine you could easily finish more than one of the items listed on the main courses. We were treated to some complimentary stout-battered cheese bites which were very nice, with fish variants of this available to guests normally.

We finished with Crème Brulee which was, as Ana put it, the best she had. She is a pudding connoisseur you know! Like I said, this place is perfect for the two of us as her love for seafood is satisfied as is my thirst for the juiciness that Verdant produce day-in day-out. I originally aimed to have all 8 beers they had on offer, however we had purchased two from the brewery before our visit, so we decided to wait for those in cans rather than on tap. Time was getting on and we had to sneak a visit to The ‘Front to get Verdant’s cask offering ‘Break Even’.

Special shout-out and mention to the staff at the Seafood Bar who were all very friendly and went above and beyond to make our stay a warm and enjoyable one. The build-up to our visit was also very warm with several messages exchanged via Instagram, their page is very active showcasing the latest beers on tap and special food offerings! One thing is for sure, if we can visit again before we leave we certainly will!

The Verdant Seafood Bar can be found on Instagram @verdant_seafood_bar on Twitter @VerdantSeafood or on Facebook by searching their name.

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