Red Elephant Beer Cellar (Truro)

It’s incredible that even after all these years coming to Cornwall, and recent years trawling round to find all places beer related, that there are still places we haven’t been yet. Despite our best efforts to turn every stone and inspect every place we can, some places slip the net. The same could be said for the Red Elephant Beer Cellar, until now that is…

Nestled away on Quay Street in the centre of Truro, you would quite easily miss Red Elephant if you weren’t looking for it (much like we clearly have done until now!). A quick Google and use of Maps steered us in the right direction and we landed safely following its guidance.

From the outside the Beer Cellar may lead you into a false sense of trepidation; the store may look small but its shelves are lined with plenty of beers. The first thing you will notice is the fridge against the back wall, which is then followed with multiple shelves across the back and side wall.

There’s a very old school vibe about the store as the shelves are either bowed from the beer they currently hold or whatever came before them. It reminded me of some of the shops you may find in York which still contain some of their original medieval features. The vibe in Trembling Madness is very similar.

What I particularly liked about Red Elephant is that, among the big/popular beers, you will also find beers by smaller breweries including those that are a ‘one man in his shed’ affair. I will always follow big breweries I know and love (Verdant, Northern Monk and Cloudwater etc) but I like finding new & up-and-coming breweries such as Masquerade on this particular visit.

Equally as important as finding new beers is meeting new people and I finally got to meet James who works at Red Elephant. We had exchanged messages on Instagram ahead of our holiday after I had discovered them, so it was nice to put a face to a name. We chatted about all things beer, what they had coming in soon and, bizarrely, buying a peacock from Healeys Cyder Farm. Yes you read that correctly!

With other shops to visit, and a tight schedule thanks to the short-stay car park, I grabbed my beers and headed off. Our visit was not done however as we nipped back in whilst heading back to the car as they had some fresh Verdant’s dropped off so we sneaked those in before having to finally call it a day.

Thank you to James and the Red Elephant for providing some excellent beers and company to Cornwall. Not that we need any excuse to come back to Cornwall, but this is certainly a place we will visit again.

You can find the Red Elephant Beer Cellar on Facebook by searching their name, on Instagram @red_elephant_beer and Twitter @RedElephantBeer

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