The Old Grocers Pontefract

Everyone needs a local. Be it a traditional pub with low beams, a roaring fire and a menu featuring the best pub grub. Or a pub that serves cheap ale and shows the football where you can enjoy a game of darts or two. Either way, a good local is somewhere that feels like your home away from home when you’re there on your own or with others.

Thankfully, Pontefract now has the Old Grocers; a micro pub that I consider my local. No food, no sport and, thankfully, no mainstream lager or beer. Just good craft beer and good company. Could you want much more?

The Grocers sits amongst pubs that are synonymous with the local area and you could quite easily blink and miss it. Unassuming from the outside, but inviting once you’re in, you can happily lose a couple of hours or more here. This really is a hidden gem.

With it being a micro pub, your selection isn’t huge, but it’s still plentiful enough to put more prominent or well-known pubs to shame! There are six cask offerings and four taps to choose from, with regular rotations of each. Cans to drink in or take away have recently been added to their line-up, with gin also available, so there is something for everyone here.

Recent beers of note have included Jaipur, Eternal, Faith and Rhubarbra Streisand. The focus here being on local beers but with popular ones also from further afield. Which, if you ask me, I think is the perfect balance. Drinking local and fresh has never been more important than it is now.

The Old Grocers certainly won’t set the world alight with anything frightfully new, but what it will do is entice people in with a fine selection of beer, welcoming atmosphere and attentive ownership. Thankfully it is close enough to me that I can call in when I am able to and check their latest offerings. I would recommend you also do the same…

The Old Grocers can be found on Facebook by sesrchimg their name, on Instagram @the_old_grocers_ponty and Twitter @oldgrocers