The Fossgate Tap – York

York is a beautiful city. Not only does it have picturesque scenery and historical interest aplenty, but it also is a special place for us. Not only did Ana and I both go to uni here but it’s also where we first met. Cute, I know. With York having a significant meaning to the both of us, it is a regular place we visit all year round.

Being such regulars, it’s surprising that we still manage to find new places to go and things to do. We could easily fill a full weekend here with an overnight stay for sure, but finding new places is always exciting and adds to York’s charm. This time out, we stumbled across the Fossgate Tap and we were very thankful we did!

We happened across the Tap completely by chance. When driving over we couldn’t decide where to go for lunch and tried to pick somewhere whilst doing some shopping in the morning. Having discounted our usual spots, we walked by here and stopped to look at the menu. Spotting a traditional roast on the list, I was already hooked, so imagine my excitement when I saw Verdant on tap! That was it, we were in…

The Fossgate Tap is very welcoming once inside. It has a rustic feel with chunky wooden tables, comforting seating and vintage style light fittings hanging from the ceiling. It’s very calming and relaxed, I think we could have spent most of the afternoon here had we not had shopping to do after lunch! Both the food and the drink were pretty much accounted for before we were seated which is very rare for us indeed. Indecision over a tasty sounding menu is often our forte.

I had scouted the tap lines on our way past the bar, with a great selection on it must be said. Turning Point feature predominantly with 3/4 keg lines and the rest being filled by fellow craft breweries. As we all know by now, I’m a huge Verdant fanboy so I get very excited when I find their beer on tap. This time was no exception either, I simply had to have some Lightbulb.

It was a perfect accompaniment for the roast that we were presented with too. It sounded good and my word, was it ever. Seeing the waitress come down the stairs, plates in hand, our eyes must have widened and our mouths been on the floor. It was delicious. The carrot and Swede mash was delicious, the roasts were perfect and there were plenty of onions to accompany the gravy. Yum!

After the feast on our plates, we weren’t feeling up to a dessert as we were both stuffed. We will certainly return to try their regular menu and a pudding if we can face one next time. With good food and a good beer line up, a return is pretty much guaranteed. We’re easily pleased and we love it. Thanks to the Fossgate Tap for having us and hope to be back soon.

The Fossgate tap can be found on Facebook by searching their name, on Twitter @fossgatetap and Instagram @fossgatetap