House of the Trembling Madness

I felt ashamed when I arrived at Trembling Madness. Having been here many times before, I was certain that I had posted about it previously. It turns out, I hadn’t. I shocked myself when I frantically looked through my previous posts and found nothing. Well, that simply had to change so this is me making amends. So welcome to this, my thoughts on House of the Trembling Madness.

Sitting nicely on Stonegate in the city centre, the glass-fronted entrance gives you a glimpse of what is inside. For any newcomers, prepare to become beer blind. There is beer practically everywhere you can find from the fridges, to the walls and very special releases sitting behind the counter. Not only is their selection of beer astonishing, so is their choice of spirits, ciders and cigars. It really is a one stop shop for your chosen sin.

The store front is but a glimpse of what they have in store. Step into the back room and you are literally surrounded by beer. All four walls are covered in beer ranging from US beers, to European beers and those all important UK beers too. Glasses sit atop the beer shelves which are also worthy of a perusal. I managed to find a Northern Monk Patrons teku glass on this trip!

I didn’t venture upstairs on this occasion however there is a small bar upstairs serving beers on tap in a manner only Trembling Madness could. The historical beams and floorboards make up most of its characters, with quirky pictures and trophies adorning the walls. It’s these little touches that make a place which I love over a clinically finished tap room or bar.

It’s worth mentioning that there is a second site for House of the Trembling Madness just around the corner on Lendal. This is a more roomy drinking spot that also serves food and has a more expansive tap list. They also have an equally impressive shop in the cellar with many more beers refrigerated for those that take note of this. Whichever one you decide to visit, you won’t be disappointed. I just find the original to be best given its character and charm. I feel that York gets overlooked sometimes in favour of Leeds, but I think it holds its own perfectly well. Who said that Leeds has it best?

House of the Trembling Madness can be found by searching their name of Facebook and by searching Tremblingmad on Instagram and Twitter