Arundel Brewfest 2020

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or you aren’t on Instagram) then you’ve probably seen and heard a lot about Arundel Brewfest. For those that haven’t, however, the Brewfest was a festival set up by Arundel Brewery but hosted/co-run by beer bloggers from Instagram.

Uniting from all parts of the UK, those from the ‘Gram assembled like the Avengers to bring beer folks together like one big family. For me, it was a long old trip down to Arundel for the sake of one night, but boy was it worth it…

Setting itself apart from any other festival, drinkers and the community were at the heart of this from the start. You may say that’s the case with any festival (Family & Friends by Cloudwater in particular) but this was run by drinkers and for the drinkers. Above the beer, this was the main reason I not only wanted to be there, but had to be there. Being part of such a special event and group of people was an amazing experience.

We were lucky to obtain tickets for the Saturday evening session thanks to Tony (AKA Grizzlybeers). Having arrived in Arundel a few hours before the doors opened, I was a little like a caged animal waiting for the doors to open. I was a mixed bag of emotions, mainly excitement and anxiety. I couldn’t wait to finally meet everyone I spoke with via Instagram, but also nervous that they may all think I was a bit of a tool.

Thankfully, that wasn’t the case. I couldn’t have asked for a warmer welcome and, more importantly, to have made some genuine friends for life. We were let in having checked our names on the guest list (first and last time for everything!) and were initially met with some disappointment. We went to get our tokens and glasses to be told we wouldn’t get glasses as we weren’t paying guests.

Thankfully that’s where the disappointment ended as, no sooner had we checked in, I bumped into fellow Leeds lad Ryan (thebeardedbeerbloke) and Hull resident Mark (beerd__af). Within a couple of minutes, they rectified our glass situation and soon had beer in our hands.

To say the night escalated from there would be an understatement. I’m not sure I can remember what beers I had or in what order, but I dont remember having a bad one! The company couldn’t have been better either; everyone I met was awesome. Well, except for that one guy who came over just to tell me I had a **** haircut but he was quickly dismissed!

It’s impossible to list everyone but shoutout to Joe, Wendy, Andy, Amy, Tony, Dave, Will, Simon, Ryan and Mark. If I missed anyone, you know who you are and I loved every minute of our encounter. As much as I would love to talk more about the beer, it was the people and memories that made this festival the best I have ever been to.

For anyone on Instagram, go over to their page to see highlights from the sessions and see other posts about the weekend. It really was something special and this is exactly the reason I got into blogging about craft beer!

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