Points of Brew – A Year On

So. It’s been a while, hasn’t it? From a humble craft beer newcomer writing a blog, Points of Brew sure has moved on since I last penned a post roughly this time last year. But, not only have I moved along, so has the world and the industry thanks (or no thanks) to Covid 19 and the relentless toll it continues to take on the population. Alas, I am not here to dwell, more to reminisce over the last 12 months and how things have changed for me personally and professionally.

In 2018, whilst on holiday in Cornwall, I had an idea. Having dipped in and out of writing in the video game industry, I decided I wanted to get back behind the keyboard via craft beer. As a complete newbie to the scene, it was to share my love for the scene. It still is, however over time the goal changed; I wanted to use Points of Brew to find me a job within the industry. Patience is a virtue so they say and for once in my life, I would have to wait this one out before succeeding in my goal…

I found my feet here and on Twitter, before turning to YouTube, eventually Instagram and then onto the airwaves via my podcast. By throwing myself head first into this exciting and brave new world, I took on every little piece of information I could. By no means am I an expert, or purport to be, but I feel significantly more knowledgable now compared to three years ago.

Midway through 2020, we find ourselves in uncharted territory thanks to Covid 19; A virus that has decimated many livelihoods, the beer industry was no different. Thanks to Covid, I was also on the receiving end of redundancy and for the first time since I was 16, I was unemployed. But this was my chance, my now or never moment; get into beer now, or be stuck in the corporate world forever. Thankfully, an olive branch presented itself in the form of a part-time gig over at Yorkshire Craft Beers in August 2020 which then turned into a full time position. To date, I am still there with the shop doing better than ever.

With YCB opening its doors to me, my journey was complete; I found employment in the industry that I had become to know and love. But that isn’t the end. Finding a job was just the beginning, now the goal has moved to become more than just a self-proclaimed beer snob and fan, I have enrolled on the Virtual Beer School by Natalya Watson. Points of Brew has become more than a hobby, it has become my career and my profession. Whether or not I take it to the next level/s of sommelier, taster, tester or judge is yet to be seen.

One thing that I can say for certain, however, is that Points of Brew is going to be here a little while longer just yet…

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