Yorkshire Ales – Snaith

You never get a second first impression, so making a good, lasting first one is important. Whether you class using the wrong door and then proceeding to fall through it a good impression or not, I’m not so sure. But that’s how our very first trip to Yorkshire Ales started with friend of the blog, Martyn, trying to push open a locked door followed by wife of the blog, Ana, tripping over the very first step once we were inside. I’d allow them the excuse of being locked away for so long, but grace has never been either of their strongest assets (sorry, guys!)

Once we had negotiated the locked door & step we found or seats and it was almost like we had found a second home. The warmest of welcomes was given by both Adrian and Vicky and it was as if we were returning from a long absence at our once local/regular pub. As others entered they were greeted by name by Vicky, clearly regulars, and it wasn’t difficult to see why they would return. She was also greeted with flowers by one chap, but she promised this wasn’t staged because we were visiting!

There were seven beers being served on our visit with four on keg and three on cask with all seven of them being, you guessed it, Yorkshire beers. There’s nobody prouder than Yorkshire folk so it’s always welcoming when beers from our local area are championed considering the difficulties they’ve faced these past 12-18 months. For Ana, who was driving, they also offer a small selection of Mocktails so despite her initial disgruntlement at the prospect she was happy she could join in with the drinks in some capacity. Their regular cocktail menu is also rather extensive for our non-driving sequel…

Whilst the beer selection was of course the main attraction and reason for our visit, it would be remiss to not give credit to the amazing On the Move Modern Cuisine; an amazing (and again, local) street food vendor. They have an ongoing residency with Yorkshire Ales with a rotating menu that changes regularly. So if you’re anything like us, you can time your visits very tactfully and visit two weeks back-to-back and sample different menus on both visits. Winner!

Both Ana and Martyn opted for a buttermilk chicken burger whilst I decided to try the veggie tikka paneer flatbread. Needless to say there were no empty trays however the brownie platter that was on the dessert menu bested all three of us, the remaining spoils were hastily wrapped in foil and taken away.

Having arrived after work at 7pm, we didn’t get to stay anywhere near as long as we could have done at Yorkshire Ales so not only will our next visit be via taxi, it will also be a little earlier too. It would be rude not to make it through the entire beer menu next time wouldn’t it?! Ana also spied their private hire domes in the beer garden too, meaning you can enjoy the outdoors inside and still have your own space which looked even better once it started to get dark.

Stay tuned for our return visit as it will be happening, hopefully much sooner rather than later, but in the meantime you can find Yorkshire Ales across all major social media channels (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) by searching for Yorkshire Ales. Hopefully we can arrive accident free next time…

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