30 Years (2015) – North Riding Brewery

The second podcast in my month-long series sees me chat to Head Brewer and co-owner of North Riding Brewery, Stuart Neilson. Based over in Scarborough, North Riding have built up a very good following in and around North Yorkshire and beyond, with their cask and bottle ranges being very popular.

Me and Stuart chat about how the brewery has managed over the course of numerous Covid lockdowns and how the future is looking for them since the UK has opened back up again. We also have a look at their ever-evolving stout/porter range and their US pale and IPA ranges, the latter which I drank some of during the show.

Along the way we also touch on subjects such as cricket and the cost of public transport these days, sounding exactly like two stereotypical Yorkshire men. Please, follow the links below to give it a listen but be warned, it’s a long one! Also please bear with the sound quality as Zoom seems to have done its best to sabotage our two hour long mammoth episode.


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