Episode 30: Ply Me With Pliny

In Episode 30 of the Points of Brew podcast I chat with co-owner and brewer of Russian River Brewing Company, Vinnie Cilurzo. Vinnie kindly gave up some of his morning to answer some questions I had lined up for him and telling us how he came to be at Russian River to where the company is now.

We have a look back over the last 12-18 months and how the pandemic has affected them and where they currently are now as the world slowly goes back to normality. We finish the show by taking a look at four beers I have of theirs to try (STS Pils, Blind Pig, Happy Hops and Pliny the Elder) and their upcoming launch of Pliny the Younger, the triple version of Pliny the Elder.

Episode 30 is available across all major podcast platforms now and feedback is welcomed as usual.

Huge thanks to Vinnie for taking the time out to chat with me and look forward to speaking with him and hopefully meeting him sometime in the future!




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