Overcoming Apathy

Spontaneity. The art of conjuring up something random or unexpected that breaks the current pattern of behaviour that you’re in. It’s not easy being spontaneous, and for someone who likes a routine, I’m not always its biggest fan either. But, thanks to recent global events, what little enthusiasm I had for being spontaneous has been driven out of me. Apathy has taken its place. After being stuck at home for so long, a dangerous habit has formed of doing just that; staying at home…

I don’t profess to be a social butterfly, but I like being outdoors and being amongst friends and family. I’d relish a day in town, exploring the countryside or being at the beach (subject to which beach, I may add) but I’ve become a creature of habit, staying at home. I have everything I need; TV, Xbox/PS5, books, Mac and beer, to name but a few. I can even get my shopping delivered to my door, I don’t need to leave the house. But I do need to leave the house. My mind needs to escape the same four walls we’ve become so familiar with of late.

Sitting in and staying at home is the easy option, and that isn’t always the best option. It can be of course, I love a good lazy day on a Sunday as much as the next person but, much like everything in life, it’s about balance. Just recently, we had such a Sunday scheduled with a nice Sunday dinner to round out a sofa day. How can you top that? Throw in a couple of pints at your local, and you’ve got a damn near perfect Sunday on the cards.

“My mind needs to escape the same four walls we’ve become so familiar with of late.”

The metaphorical carrot was dangled when said local, The Old Grocers, published their bar line-up which included Jarl from Fyne Ales. In a flurry, Sunday dinner was prepped and the loungewear was traded for something more pub-appropriate and we were on our way. Being a mere 10 minute drive or 20 minute walk away, my absence from the OG as its locally known is criminal really, especially in light of aforementioned global events.

But this, along with a midweek trip to Heist Brew Co in Sheffield (again, relatively spontaneous), was an epiphany moment, ‘Why don’t we do this more often?’ I was left asking myself. That’s not just purely from a beer perspective either, that too can get a bit much sometimes, but why don’t we push ourselves more? Why do we almost always take the easy road of comfort and the safety of our home? Granted, Covid hasn’t been the easiest of circumstances to negotiate, but with the right precautions we could have taken the leap and ventured out more than we have.

It’s this spontaneity and lack of apathy that I truly want to relish and promote in 2022. Our time will soon become more precious too as we’re currently expecting our first child in May. Even then, if for their sake not ours, I want them to explore the world from an early age and not become accustomed to the monotony of staying at home. This is easier said than done for some, I know, but even for someone who has historical debilitating anxiety, I’m making a pledge to myself and my family for 2022. Life is too short and very precious, so whilst we can, we’re going to make the most of every last moment that is available to us.

It might not be immediate, and it may take several months to get back into the swing of it, but once we’re there it’ll be worth it.

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