Episode 32: Bear Necessities

In this episode I am joined by Sam Bennett, owner and brewer of Grizzly Grains in Sheffield. Sam is a small-batch producer in the heart of Sheffield, producing predominantly cask beers and a range of experimental beers utilising produce from local suppliers. 

Sam and I have a chat about how he started his journey in the beer world, and where he hopes to take the brewery in 2022 and beyond. Sam looks back at 2021 and the four fruited saisons, a saison using sourdough yeast and pale using a new experimental heritage barely crop grown in Sheffield. 

Huge thanks to Sam for joining me on the podcast and thanks to him for providing me with some beers to try ahead of the show. 

Episode 32 is available across all major podcast channels now and you can find out more about Sam and Grizzly Grains on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Episode 32: Bear Necessities

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