Episode 33: Mere Mortals

In this episode of the Points of Brew podcast I am joined by Paul Grenier, CEO & co-founder of Mortalis Brewing in Avon, New York.

Paul kindly sat down to have a chat with me about how the brewery came to be founded, the challenges they’ve faced producing heavily fruited sour beers and how, oddly, they have a cult following in Korea!

I was also kindly sent three of their beers to enjoy by Beers of America, a regular stockist of Mortalis beers, so for anyone looking to try some I would highly recommend heading over to their website.

The podcast is available to listen to now across all major podcast platforms, and via the player below. Finally, thanks to Paul for joining me on the show and for anyone wanting to keep up to date with the brewery, head to their website, Instagram or Twitter.

Episode 33: Mere Mortals

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